One program, two important practices.

In an effort to combine the benefits of yoga and strength training, I developed this program as a holistic approach to mind-body movement. These practices are designed to challenge you both physically and mentally. They are dynamic, powerful, and incredibly effective tools for transformation.

Influenced by Tom Myers’ work on the Myofascial Meridians, these practices compliment each other by systematically stretching and strengthening each line of the body. By focusing on each meridian, we can move more intelligently and, ultimately, move with meaning.

One: Superficial Back Line

Strengthen the back of the body by practicing the deadlift, focusing on the hamstrings and back.

Stretch the back of the body with a series of forward folds, active lunges, and the full splits.

Two: Superficial Front Line

Strengthen the front of the body by practicing a variety of lunges, focusing on stabilizing the core.

Stretch the front of the body with a sequence of active and passive backbends.

Three: Arm Lines

Strengthen the shoulders and arms by pushing and pulling the body.

Stretch the shoulders and arms by working towards binds and a forearm stand variation.

Four: Lateral Lines

Strengthen the glutes and side body by practicing the back squat, focusing on stabilizing the hips and core.

Stretch the inner and outer hips with a unique sequence designed to release all tension.

Five: Deep Front Line

Strengthen the deepest muscles of the core, hips, and legs by practicing the power clean and toes to bar.

Stretch and stabilize the body with this culminating yoga sequence, working towards crow pose.

Bonus Material

10-minute Core Sequence to strengthen and stabilize the core.

15-minute Sun Salutation practice to learn the basics of yoga.

20-minute Breathwork & Meditation practice to strengthen the lungs and calm the mind.

40-minute Restorative Yoga sequence to open the hips and lower back.

 “I was really nervous about lifting heavier weights, I didn’t want to get that bulky look. Not only did Kendall’s program not make me bulkier, but I lost inches and I can tell that my metabolism has sped up.”

— Meredith B

“I’ve tried so many workout programs and always lose motivation and interest when I don’t see results. After starting Kendall’s workouts, I could see myself getting leaner and it was a huge motivator! Her workouts are challenging but effective, I’ll never go back to any other program!”

— Mallory F

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