Yoga Schedule

I’m currently offering live yoga classes via Zoom.

Please contact me or follow me in Instagram for the code. I also offer private lessons in person or online, tailored to meet your needs.

MONDAYS, 12:00 pm PDT: 60-minute Power Flow

Flow through a vigorous yoga class with a focus on breath and alignment. Begin with mindful core work, move through playful Sun Salutations, and head into a series of dynamic sequences intended to challenge the body and mind. Expect a sweaty, fast-paced practice that will keep you moving and energized for the rest of the day. 

THURSDAYS, 7:00 pm PDT: 75-minute Slow Flow

Move slowly through a mindful and restorative practice. Begin with meditation before moving the body through a series of simple flows designed the unwind the body from the ground up. Close with a set of restorative postures intended to release tension in the hips, back, and neck. Expect to move slowly and gently, reconnecting with the body and calming the mind.

SATURDAYS, 9:00 am PDT: 75-minute Vinyasa Flow

Experience the ultimate mind-body connection by linking breath to movement. Begin with a short meditation before moving through a series of unique sequences with a focus on mindful alignment and creative repetition. Each class will build towards an advanced posture, anatomically preparing the body for a mental and physical challenge. Interwoven with pranayama (breathwork) and yogic philosophy, expect to leave invigorated and reconnected. 

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