Yoga Schedule

I’m currently offering weekly yoga classes in person and online.

I also offer private lessons in person or online, tailored to meet your needs. Please contact me with any questions.

WEDNESDAYS, 5:30 pm PDT: 60-minute Vinyasa Flow @ Trilogy Sanctuary

Experience the ultimate mind-body connection by linking breath to movement. Begin with a short meditation before moving through functional mobility and mindful core work to prime and prepare the joints. Flow through a series of unique sequences with a focus on mindful alignment and creative repetition. Each class will build towards an advanced posture, anatomically preparing the body for a mental and physical challenge. Interwoven with pranayama (breathwork) and yogic philosophy, expect to leave invigorated and reconnected. 

WEDNESDAYS, 7:00 pm PDT: 60-minute Yin Yoga @ Trilogy Sanctuary

Unwind the body and support the nervous system with a healing Yin practice. Begin with intention-setting, grounding, and meditation before exploring a series of shapes. Each posture will be held for 3-5 minutes to reset the nervous system, release tight fascia, and balance the internal organs. Heavily linked with the Chinese elements, each class will focus on a specific area of healing. Guided with poetry, storytelling, and yogic philosophy centered around a specific theme. Close with a short Yoga Nidra to slip into deep relaxation.

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