Let your body tell the story.

I create challenging yoga sequences designed to transform the body and mind. Every sequence is unique, crafted with particular attention on alignment and mobility. I believe that every time we get on the mat, it should be a new experience. Move with me online or find me on the mat in Carlsbad, California. If you want more, send me a message. I offer private lessons in person or online, tailored to meet your needs.

Move with Meaning

A collection of unique yoga sequences designed to systematically stretch and strengthen the Myofascial Meridians. These classes are part of a larger program that you can find here. Each class is accompanied by a Spotify playlist to slip into the full mind-body experience.

The Basics

A collection of videos designed to establish the basics of mind-body movement. Discover proper yoga alignment, develop core stability, experience breathwork, and unwind with a sweet restorative sequence.

“I’ve taken a range of Kendall’s classes and each one is just as great as the last. My favorite thing about her teaching style is that she does a great job of talking through the poses so I can understand the movements without having to keep my eyes on her the whole time. Her modifications always hit the spot as if the class is being geared directly towards my personal practice and the music is always on point with the flow. I’m so grateful to have found Kendall at a local studio because now I’m able to enjoy her online classes just the same!”

-Katie G
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