Let Your Body Tell the Story

Move with me online or find me on the mat in Carlsbad, California. If you want more, send me a message. I offer private lessons in person or online, tailored to meet your needs.

Unique Sequences

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Mind-Body Transformation

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Yoga Schedule


Experience the ultimate mind-body connection by linking breath to movement. Begin with a short meditation before moving through functional mobility and mindful core work to prime and prepare the joints. Flow through a series of unique sequences with a focus on mindful alignment and creative repetition. Each class will build towards an advanced posture, anatomically preparing the body for a mental and physical challenge. Interwoven with pranayama and yogic philosophy, expect to leave invigorated and reconnected.


Unwind the body and support the nervous system with a healing Yin practice. Begin with intention-setting, grounding, and meditation before exploring a series of shapes. Each posture will be held for 3-5 minutes to reset the nervous system, release tight fascia, and balance the internal organs. Heavily linked with the Chinese elements, each class will focus on a specific area of healing. Guided with poetry, storytelling, and yogic philosophy centered around a specific theme. Close with a short Yoga Nidra to slip into deep relaxation.


I’ve taken a range of Kendall’s classes and each one is just as great as the last. My favorite thing about her teaching style is that she does a great job of talking through the poses so I can understand the movements without having to keep my eyes on her the whole time. Her modifications always hit the spot as if the class is being geared directly towards my personal practice and the music is always on point with the flow. I’m so grateful to have found Kendall at a local studio because now I’m able to enjoy her online classes just the same!
Katie g
Kendall is a personable, calming presence and leads her classes with such knowledge and ease. She is thoughtful to the needs of her clients and seeks to tailor each class to these needs. Kendall’s knowledge of yoga and the mind/body connection is evident throughout. Sometimes, the only time I felt truly relaxed and calm was during and after Kendall’s classes. Her classes helped me at a time in my life when I was feeling a lot of tension and anxiety and I will always be grateful for her!
Courtney B